DS Productions prides itself on having a constant interaction throughout projects, ensuring the end product matches all your requirements.

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DS Productions can convey your message in all manner of creativity. Whether it is film, web or graphic design, we can showcase your content in an impactful, eye-catching manner.

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DS Productions is able to cater to your proposed vision. With many years in the industry, we can create bespoke design jobs and unique video productions.

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Why do I need a video?

When it comes to digital communication, videos probably rank as one of, if not the most, effective marketing mediums. Video allows for companies to develop their brand identity, bringing new depth to their marketing and visual image. The fact that videos are immediately shareable, means that it serves as a very powerful form of media. Moreover, videos further enhance the efficacy of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as pages with videos are much more likely to rank higher on the first page of Google results.

How long does it take to make a video?

The simple answer to this is that every job is different. There are a number of factors that will dictate how long the finished product will take to produce. These factors consist of the following; the projected duration of the film, how ‘effect-heavy’ the production is and the amount of filming needed. For the bigger jobs, we tend to allow up to a month. However, DS Productions is used to working towards deadlines and has done many quick turnarounds, often accompanied with intense sleep deprivation!

Do you have a set price for specific jobs?

From our experience we are able to estimate the time it takes to complete projects, but the nature of graphics and videos is such that every job is always different. As a result, DS Media generally agrees on a price range in order to ensure that the client is aware of how much to expect to pay ensuring both parties are content from the start. This is supported by a contractual agreement.


Does the price quoted for my video include revisions?

Every quote for all video work includes one round of amendments. If the client requires further revisions this will be charged at an hourly rate. Details will be specified in the contract.

Who owns the rights to the published video?

The copyright of all material that has been captured by DS Productions is solely owned by DS Productions and protected under UK Law. Upon completion and cleared funds, we will, in some instances and upon prior agreement, transfer the copyright ownership to the Client. This will be clearly specified in your written quotation. In either circumstance, DS Productions reserves the right to use the footage/material/media, either in sections or in its entirety, for promotional purposes.

Can my video be put on my website?

Definitely, and this something we highly recommend! High Definition video can easily be converted for use on the web and social media stream. It is a great way to spread your online presence.

What is the first step in preparing for a video?

Take some time to reflect on your company or the project goals. To produce an effective video, DS Productions will need to know some key points about your company/event and the presentation. Think about the following:

  • Who will be watching the video?
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • What reaction are you hoping to gain from those watching the video?
  • How are you planning on distributing the video?
  • What do you want people to remember about the video?
How to begin?

Upon being contacted, DS Productions will schedule a meeting to discuss the project. Having sounded out the various requirements, a preliminary design sketch or storyboard will be outlined as well as a proposed time plan. DS Productions will then start work maintaining regular updates and progress reports with the client.

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No Experience?

Often we are approached by clients who are unsure how to convey their message or marketing pitch. In such cases, DS Productions will meet in a consultation capacity to discuss the project and will suggest how to best creatively showcase your event or company/organisation. In many cases, when working on film jobs, we will create a storyboard to plot your film sequence scene-by-scene.

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