DS Web

DS Web guarantees our clients the ability
to widen their brand or event’s reach.

We live in an age where the world of digital communication rules. The internet is very much here to stay, and due to the continuous technological developments, the list of opportunities are endless. Websites have come a long way from mere static HTML sites. With the development of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, to name but a few, websites have now become increasingly dynamic and resultantly more vibrant. With a strong online presence, you are able to market your company/organisation/event with a far more widespread reach.

Let us take your brand and turn it interactive!

Whether it is a fully optimised website, a simple one-page website or an e-commerce site, DS Web can provide you with your desired end product. Upon meeting to discuss the company’s objectives, DS Web will begin the user-centric process of developing your website. Maintaining a strong, communicative partnership throughout, ensures that you will be well-informed through every part of the website’s implementation.

You have an idea for a world-beating site?