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DS Design provides a comprehensive
service and is committed to making
your vision a reality.

We have significant experience in all areas of graphic design and are continuously moving with times to ensure our design work is fresh and modern. To see some of our examples view the DS Design gallery here.

Corporate Video Production

DS Films regularly produces promotional films for the corporate and charity sector. After a consultation meeting, DS will work to effectively transmit your desired message. DS Films’ experience ensures that your company’s promotion will be presented in a visually elegant and polished manner..

Product Promotion

Are you developing a product but need a way to creatively market it? Our product videos are a sophisticated way to showcase your goods. After a consultation meeting, DS Films will produce a promotional film worthy of your product, taking into account your universal selling point and the target clientele.

Gala Dinners / Fundraisers

Are you seeking an uplifting, motivational message for your event? Do you need to create an emotive film that will inspire your viewers to further support your institution? DS Films excels in this specialty. DS Films has produced many such films throughout the years and will work closely with the dinner committee to create a heartening video with that added ‘wow’ factor.

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Being proficient in software such as Adobe After Effects and the like, has meant that DS Productions is often approached for film jobs that require that extra visual dimension. Whether it is title treatments, animations, green-screening, colour grading, 3D renderings etc. DS Films can provide the full service in video and post-production.


The direction of marketing is constantly evolving, and one recent feature is the use of slideshows to effectively communicate your company’s message. Whereas many slideshows present flat, 2D simulation, DS Films’ experience in motion graphics ensures that all slideshows are vibrant and fully animated. DS Films has recently partnered with Genaron Media (http://www.genaron-media.com/) who design, create, install and manage Digital Advertising Networks in retail environments across the UK. Although these animations are a mere 15 seconds long, DS Films has often been approached to create animated slideshows that will effectively convey the message in an exciting and dynamic manner.



Are you a new business just starting up? Are you looking to re-energise the ‘look and feel’ of your existing company? DS Design can provide exactly that fresh image you’re looking for. Following a consultation exploring the mission statement of your company, colour choices and graphic brief (e.g. corporate look, modern/trendy motif etc.) DS Design will provide a series of logo drafts in order to help you select the best image for your business. Of course, this is only the beginning. Once you are happy with your new brand, DS Design is able to assist with further design integration, whether it be, business cards, letterheads and any other marketing/promotional material.


Successful event promotion is a result of a strong marketing output. The first stage to any campaign is to advertise your event in a way that is both compelling and impactful. DS Design regularly creates posters to help attract participation and create a ‘buzz’ around the occasion. If you desire, DS Design will liaise with professional printers to ensure all artwork is printed to the highest level, as well as allowing for the full range of print options, whether you seek the standard A4 size or something significantly larger or bespoke.


Flyers and leaflets are an effective way to make a quick and high-impact statement about your work or service. DS Design will work with its clients to best communicate the message needed in a way that will allow for the desired outcome.


DS Design has designed brochures for a number of gala dinners (See package deals for further details). In keeping with the branding of the evening, DS Design has worked alongside dinner committees to provide a fitting souvenir for their special evening.


Connecting with service users/clientele is crucial. One effective way to do this in a far-reaching manner, is through the creation of a magazine. DS Design has noteworthy experience in this design specific area and is also happy to assist in a consultation capacity to help with the planning, layout and structuring of content.


DS Design has created numerous monograms for wedding and Barmitzvah invitations. If you would like the letters of your names to resemble a certain motif, or, if you prefer a simple, elegant logo, DS Design has a proven track-record in this area.

Other Design Work

Whilst the above represents the more generic design jobs – we also have created a number of personalised projects as well. Examples include:

  • Pull up banners – Are you making a presentation at a seminar or roadshow? Such situations present a wonderful opportunity to market your company. Mobile and lightweight, these retractable banners are very effective at announcing your presence and attracting the crowd.
  • School Prospectuses –Present your school in a visually stunning manner and watch the applications soar.
  • Business cards – First impressions count. Simple. Pull in the ‘punters’ with a striking business card tailored to your branding.

You have an idea for a world-beating design?